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Dart Weekly

Issue #1 - October 26, 2011

Welcome to issue 1 of Dart Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to the new Google Dart programming language. Dart Weekly is, at its heart, an experiment. I have no idea how Dart will pan out or even if there will be enough momentum to keep a weekly newsletter going, but it's worth a go!

It's very early days for Dart and so the code and tools section in this issue is rather sparse. Hopefully that will improve very soon as people begin to release their third party tools and libraries for the language. If you have any of your own, reply to this e-mail and let me know. You could be featured in a future issue!

News and Latest Developments

At the 2011 GoTo Conference in Denmark, Google unveiled 'Dart', a new programming language that's being tipped to take on JavaScript in the Web-focused programming language space. See what it's all about at its official homepage.
Lars Bak, Chrome and V8 developer and general virtual machine mastermind, gives some insights and opinions about Google Dart, which he helped develop.

Articles and Tutorials

In a post on the official Dart site, Bob Nystrom shows off some syntax and techniques that are idiomatic to Dart. This is a great way to get a taste for the language as compared to JavaScript.
Chris Buckett has been playing with building a UI in Dart and shares his observations and experiments here.
Chris Buckett demonstrates how you can organize your code into multiple files with both code examples and diagrams.
A humorous GitHub gist demonstrating how a simple "Hello World" script in Dart compiles down to 17,260 lines of JavaScript. The comments are complete with all the graphical memes and jokes we love to hate.

Opinion and Dart Reviews

Perl developer Rafael Garcia-Suarez has been checking out the spec for Dart and isn't impressed with what he sees. He picks on how booleans work, type conversion, and class based OO, concluding that "Dart fails to provides the advantages of static languages, without compensating by the flexibility of dynamic languages."
Ars Technica's Peter Bright takes an extensive tour through Dart both at the conceptual and code level before reflecting on the state of the Web development industry and whether Dart is helping or hindering.
In an article for ReadWriteWeb, Scott M. Fulton III takes a look over Dart, digs into some of its approaches and techniques, and explains how it differs from JavaScript.

Videos and Media

Kresten Krab Thorup, CTO of Trifork, presents an overview of what was in the Google Dart introduction keynote (even using its slides) which, for some reason, couldn't be recorded and shown separately.


jdart is a Dart to JVM bytecode compiler. In short, you can take a Dart app and compile it to a JAR file that will run on any Java 7 compatible VM. It's early days though and it employs a rather opinionated reinterpretation of the Dart spec.

Code and Libraries

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