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Issue #10 - January 25, 2013

Once again curated by Chris Buckett, the editor of :-)


Filip Hráček gave a talk on Dart at dotJS in Pari. He had 4 minutes to explain Dart to 600 Javascript Gurus. Check this out for the quick lowdown on Dart.
Lars Bak, one of the Dart language designers, was interviewed by The Register, and discusses the ups and downs of desigining a new language (and also mentions that Dart v1.0 is due out this year)
Dart Milestone 3 is coming soon, making use of a lot of new library updates, many of which contain breaking changes. In order to help Dart developers transition to M3, package developers are being encouraged (and enticed with the offer of free stickers) to update their packages and libraries to work with the latest Dart SDK.
The Dart Editor has received an update, with the major change being the update to the SDK, but other changes include support for mixins, debugger improvements and new project wizards. Grab this version of the editor to start the transition to M3


Shannon Behrens blogs about some of the things that he had to change when porting his projects to the newest versions of the libraries
Damon Douglas has been experimenting with Dart, Google App Engine, and Google Drive, and has come up with an iterative development environment for creating Chrome Packaged Apps.
Chris Strom explains why he thinks Dart’s killer feature is support for code analysis to aid regression testing, backed up by this G+ discussion


Go old-school with Juan Mellado and his ZX Spectrum emulator, written in Dart
Kevin Moore’s Dart Widgets project is gaining ground, with the addition of Accordion, Carousel and Tab components, this Dart web-ui component project is gaining feature parity with tools such as Bootstrap
Episodes is a port of the JS Episodes library to help measure timing metrics in web apps. Either use it on the client side, or send beacons to the server for end-to-end measurements. Use the output to view a graphical timeline of your app.
The Vint collection of components provides Dart developers with evented models and lists, storage models, presenters, an event bus and more. Pick and choose the parts you need.

Last but not least..

In 2013 we'll be adding several new newsletters to our stable. One launching in early February will cover PostgreSQL, the popular open source database engine. We have an experienced curator lined up so it should be great.
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