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Issue #11 - February 1, 2013

Thanks again to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links..


Another week, and another new release of the Dart editor, with more features and enhancements, such as import autocomplete, and finer-grained debugging choices.
DartlangTV, curated by Dart community member Richard Griffith, is a collection of playlists about Dart. Tutorials, hangouts, how-tos, Dartisans, conference presentations, interviews - if it’s about the Dart, then you should find it on DartlangTV
Do you use WebStorm for Dart development? Now you can use Webstorm to debug client-side Dart converted to JavaScript using Dart sourcemaps.


Everyone knows that unit testing is great, right? Victor Savkin has produced a screencast on creating unit tests in Dart
In this great blog post, Zef Hemel describes how he dismissed Dart at first, and how he has recently re-evaluated that opinion.
Seth Ladd explains how Dart’s “tree-shaking” ensures that your app is deployed with “just-enough” code for it to run by removing unused code.
If you weren’t yet convinced that unit tests in Dart are easy and straightforward, then Seth Ladd’s blog post should put you right
Iterables have had some changes in the language recently, and this article from Dart engineer Florian Loitsch explains the details.
Adam Singer discovers that it’s easy to publish your website on Google Drive, using Dart tools and Google APIs


Stream is a Dart web server supporting request routing, template technology, file-based static resources and MVC design pattern.
Three.dart, a port of the three.js JavaScript 3D engine has been updated to support the latest set of Dart libraries. Check out some of the examples.
Join the co-counders in episode 17 of Dartisans as they explain how to achieve continuous testing of your Dart code.
More continuous integration goodies from the team at - they will detect a new release of Dart SDK and automatically run your build script
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