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Issue #12 - February 8, 2013


Sometimes you want to get a quick intro to a Dart topic. The new Dart Tips videos let you do just that. Currently 6 episodes with transcripts, each less than 10 minutes, you can get up to speed on Dart in bite-sized chunks
This weeks Dart Editor has new autocompletions, the ability to generate VM snapshots (for faster startup), and various removing support for various deprecated syntaxes.
Watch this video to learn more about some of the changes coming with Dart M3. Join Dartisans and Googles talking about futures, streams, collections and other API changes in the new set of libraries.
Do you use the WebStorm editor with the Dart plugin? Now you can take advantage of the code reformatting option to standardize the formatting of your dart code (or even format the output from the dart2dart tool).

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Now in its second year, Fluent is an O'Reilly conference dedicated to JavaScript, Node, HTML5 and browser technologies. The program has now gone live and includes folks like Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, Ilya Grigorik, and Dart's own Seth Ladd (who is, naturally, talking about Dart and will be doing office hours to answer your questions).


Kevin Moore explains how he uses Dart for writing shell scripts. Yes, you can use a strucutured, dynamic, optioanlly typed language for the shell.
Gerwin Sturm blogs about using Dart API client generator with Google’s API discovery service and Google’s new beta “cloud endpoints” programme (which let you add cloud endpoints to your own appengine services.
Following on from his last blog post, Zef Hemel casts a critical eye over the Dart project
Some things you must test in a browser, and Kevin Moore blogs about how to use a headless webkit browser, known as DumpRenderTree to provide additional unit testing of his Dart Widgets library.
Adam Singer blogs about integrating Dart’s static analyzer tool into your build process.


Juan Mellado has produced a great game of solitaire in Dart. Try it out, or view the source at the link above.
Rikulo Stream is a Dart web server supporting request routing, template technology, file-based static resources and MVC design pattern. This latest release provides increased customization for error page handling.
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