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Issue #13 - February 15, 2013


Adam Singer and Gerwin Sturm and others have successfully created a complete set of Dart APIs to access the suite of Google services. Want to access Blogger from a Dart app? Sure! How about Youtube analytics? You got it! And Google Drive? Of course. And they’re all available as Pub packages for instant download into your app.
Check out Martin Sikora’s compelling game with realistic physics, built in only 2 1/2 days in a hackathon. Drag the blocks around to get the balls to drop into the white triangle. Sourcecode is available, and try the demo

A notice from us

In 2013 I'm going to be adding several new newsletters to the Cooper Press stable (of which Ruby Weekly is the oldest). One I'd like to highlight today will be covering PostgreSQL, the popular open source database engine. We have a great, experienced curator lined up so it should be launching in the next two weeks.


Learn about Dart’s snapshots feature. Snapshots are like a serialized version of the heap, and dramatically increase Dart application startup times. Best of all, browsers containing the Dart VM use snapshots automatically.


Seth Ladd has produced this package to provide a unified, async API for accessing offline browser storage. It supports Local Storage, Web SQL Indexed DB and memory only storage through a single API.
Join Kevin Moore in this webcast as he discusses using Web UI and how you can use the Dart Widget framework (inspired by Boostrap) in your own applications
Does Dart work with Firefox and IE? Sure - check out this 10 second webcast to see it in action.
Using three.dart, the a port of the JavaScript WebGL library, Adam Singer demonstrates a Dart app compiled to JavaScript running in the beta version of Chrome for Android.
If you’re in the SF bay area on Feb 28th, then join Googlers Seth Ladd and John McCutchan as they discuss Dart and Web Components, and Dart and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SMID, which speeds up your apps) respectively.
Join Mexico Google Development Group on Saturday 16th February where they will be leading a Dart 101 Google+ hangout
And in a past event, Seth Ladd was speaking at JFOKUS about Web Components. Check out the newly published slides from his talk.
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