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Issue #15 - March 1, 2013


The M3 Dart Editor gets an update, and this time, it contains the ability to publish your packages to the Dartlang's Pub package management server. Other updates adding items to the cleanup tool, to provide automatic refactorings where breaking changes have occurred.
Everyone has their favorite text editor for coding, so now you can edit Dart in Sublime Text, with the addition of the Dart Sublime Text package. Installable from Sublime's "Package Control".
Popular developer website DZone has added a Core Dart Cheat Sheet to it's ever growing list of programming refcards. Written by Chris Buckett, this covers the core Dart language, including the basic types and class syntax.


In this great discussion on Google+, read some of the debate from a real developer trying to make the choice between Dart and AngularJS for his next project.
Following on from Richard's Directed Graph class, this blog details an implementation of Kosaraju's Algorithm for finding strongly connected components of a directed graph. A great way to learn Dart as Richard converts a pseudocode algorithm into real Dart code.
Blogger and Dart enthusiast Matthew Butler has been exploring the latest API changes to the dart:io in this post. Read how working with HttpServer and the new Streams hotness.
In this technical blog post, Richard Griffith explores some of the features of Dart's collections libraries, and implements a class for manipulating Directed Graphs.
JJ Behrens has managed to achieve his goal of developing with Dart (offine, on a Chromebook) by using the Crouton project, which provides a chroot'd Ubuntu environment.


Dart developer expert Ladislav Thon shows off his presentation "Dart: The Dawn of Web Apps" in this introductory slide deck to the Dart language.
Kevin Moore continues his quest of using Dart for shell scripting. In this edition, he shows how to use the shell as a programming environment, tackling shell command completion with Dart. As ever, his "Bag of Tricks" proves useful.
Google's Filip Hráček presents a session that walks through the design, main ideas and most useful features of the language, illustrating all of that on a live web app.
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