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Issue #16 - March 8, 2013


Glyph3d is a font atlas generation tool for game developers and artists to create font atlas maps. It was written using Dart, and uses a number of open-source libraries including John McCutchan's DartVectorMath library
Jon McCutchan's slide deck from his recent talk explains why Dart can run fast, and then how it can use Single Instruction Multiple Data to speed up image processing, 3d graphics and more.
Dart's Rosetta Stone has grown with addition of Python. Now you can compare Dart code against Javascript, C# and Python.


In case you needed any more prompting about building great user interfaces in Dart, check out this port of Bootstrap widgets to Dart's Web UI.
Andrew Walpole, who started with C++ and was then a Flash developer, has blogged about Dart and how he's been getting on with learning it.
Christophe Herreman explains in a blog post why he is impressed with Dart, and why you should be too.
Are you looking to develop Dart on the server-side? The dart:io article on the Dartlang website has been updated to take account of the new M3 APIs. Learn about the event loop, file system, processes and serving HTTP.
Jan-Erik Vinje recently gave an introductory talk on Dart. Check out his slide-deck here.
Rikulo's server-side Dart offering, Stream, now has composite view templates, allowing you to define different templates for page areas that are bought together and rendered.
This month's Linux Journal has an article by James Slocum. In this introductory article James explains how it works and gives a demonstration of it in action.


DartBox2d is a port of the C++ Box2d physics engine. In this blog post, Dominic Hamon explains how to use it with the latest M3 code.
Have you been looking for a way to use local file-system packages, while you are developing them? Now you can, with path packages. Suitable for local development - not for the outside world.
Victor Savkin continues his Dart screencasts series, this time introducing DartMock - a mock framework for Dart inspired by RSpec.
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