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Issue #17 - March 15, 2013

Thanks again to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links..


Rasim Muratovic has been recording a series of beginner Dart Programming tutorials, starting with Installing the Editor, writing a Hello World app, compiling to JavaScript, using variables and understanding strings.
In this breaking change, the String.concat operator has been renamed String.+ to let you concatenate strings with the + operator. Check out the discussion among developers.


In this technical post and video, John McCutchan explains more about how Dart's virtual machine makes use of SMID instruction sets found in common CPUs. It also still compiles to JavaScript (but without the same speed boost).
Rikulo Stream, a Dart based web server, is now deployable to hosting platform Heroku, as explained by Adam Singer on his blog.
In this great answer to a Stack Overflow question, Kai Sellgren explains, with examples, how to use Google Maps in Dart.
Seth Ladd explains why less code transferred over the wire matters, and how you can achieve this with Dart's minification tools.
Get Started with the Hop Task Framework from Kevin Moore with these tutorials, including Building your first Hop Task, Using Hop's pre-built tasks and Transforming your Hop Tasks into run-anywhere Executables.
Getting started with any language needs introductory guides, and this blog post from David Bolton is just that. He explains some of the basic variable types, and notes that "JavaScript developers have to start thinking more like C# developers than C developers".
Writing async code correctly is often hard, and async error handling adds complexity. Check out this new article from Shailen Tuli, who explains how you can properly catch and handle errors with Future based async code.


Chris Buckett is presenting a talk on Dart at the new Bristol Google Developer Group, along with some other speakers on interesting Google technologies. Come along if you're free on April 4th.
Irrduino, a lawn sprinkler system, was built using Arduino, Android, Google App Engine, Python, and Dart. This video and blog post explains the authors experiences with Dart for a real-world project.
Do you enjoy using Dart? Then don't forget to vote for Dart in the net awards 2013 in the Best New Web Technology category.
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