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Dart Weekly

Issue #18 - March 22, 2013

Welcome to issue 18 of Dart Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to the new Google Dart programming language.


Seth Ladd has been exploring the complexities of solving Boggle (the popular word game) and points out some of the great features of the Dart language along the way. First he shows how to use brute force, and then goes on to explain how to use an efficient data structure called a Trie, which provides a performance boost.
Dart has recently received two bumps in performance, and now both the Dart VM and generated dart2js code is faster than hand-written JavaScript in the DeltaBlue benchmark.
The latest release of the Dart Editor brings back the ability to use + for String concatenation. The Dart Editor also contains numerous performance improvements, and a new experimental analyzer implementation.


Why did Linux hacker and code optimization guru John McCutchan join the Dart team? The High Scalability blog explains why, and shows why you might come to love Dart.
Dzenan Ridjanovic has updated his self-paced resources for learning web programming with Dart to milestone 3. This list of resources and learning guide is useful for anyone wanting to start out web programming.
Bernhard Pichler, creator of DartFlash explains how to use the Juggler framework to provide animation capabilities, including tweens, transitions, and animations.


Google Drive now has a realtime API, allowing collaborative applications. In this blog post, Adam Singer puts together sample multu-touch canvas application that uses the realtime API to collaborate across multiple devices.
Guillaume Girou has written an implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Dart using the 3D canvas. Make sure you check out the source for inspiration.
Seth Ladd joins Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb for one of their weekly open-source chats, talking about the Dart language, developer ecosystem, and the future of Dart.
Yehor Lvivski has updated his Sinatra inspired web development framework for Dart to be compatible with the latest Streams language changes. It lets you easily serve static files, rendered templates and websockets.
Juan Mellado has created ODBC bindings for Dart. This lets you use a similar API to the original ODBC API to communicate with databases. It's currently only available pre-compiled for Windows, but you can always build your own.
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