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Dart Weekly

Issue #2 - November 2, 2011

Welcome to issue 2 of Dart Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to the new Google Dart programming language.

Issue 1 went well but I've quickly found that Dart's ecosystem isn't quite as lively as I'd have expected. Until it ramps up, Dart Weekly will be sent each Wednesday when there are enough items to justify it. This seems better than sending out an issue with just 1 or 2 items but means that some weeks won't have an issue.

Be sure to send any libraries, articles, or generally interesting Dart tidbits you see around on the Web to me though and I'll get them into future issues. Thanks!

This Week's Links

A particularly attractive slidedeck of a presentation given by Googler David Chandler about building modern Web apps. Only the middle third is focused on Dart but he shows off some Dart equivalents of common JavaScript patterns.
Bob Nystrom has produced a Dart 'style guide' which is now on the official Dart site. He notes that a dedicated style guide for Dart helps developers make the most of the features unique to the language.
On the official Dart language site, Sigmund Cherem and Vijay Menon demonstrate the syntax and semantics for how Dart is embedded in a web page. An HTML page with Dart can then be translated to a semantically equivalent page embedding JavaScript.
Kathy Walrath has announced the release of version 0.04 of the official Dart language spec.
The Dart Editor is a lightweight, open-source editor based on Eclipse components. In addition to editing Dart programs, you can use Dart Editor to invoke the Dart-to-JavaScript compiler and launch Dart-based web apps.
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