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Issue #21 - April 19, 2013


Dart reaching milestone 4, this marks the end of breaking changes to core, collection and async libraries. There is also a new, faster analysis engine, performance improvements in the Dart VM and dart2js generated code, and support for Mixins. Download the latest release now.
As part of Dart's Milestone 4 release, there were a number of breaking changes. This list from Dan Grove provides a concise summary.
Seth Ladd continues his series of quick Dart video tutorials, this time covering Classes, Getters, Setters and Exceptions.


Do you need to use Dart with Rest APIs? Jeff Davis shows how you can use Salesforce's platform with Dart, covering both client and server-side usage.
As part of the Milestone 4 changes, Dart's mirror based reflection API has changed. Peter von der Ahé explains more in this blog post and provides examples of the new usage.
Amartya Banerjee recently had the opportunity to teach an undergrad Human-Computer Interaction course at Northwestern University. He decided to use Dart for the course. Check out his blog post to find out how it went and whether he'd use Dart again.
What's the best way for ActionScript game developers to move to HTML5? This article on explains why they think that Dart and StageXL might be the solution.
You're using streams in the existing Dart APIs, but how about creating your own streams? Lasse Nielsen explains all in this article on the Dartlang site.


Thanks to Harald Glatt, unofficial up-to-date packages for Dart SDK, Editor and Dartium is now available as a PPA for Ubuntu and related operating systems.
Not sure where to start with Dart? Check out all the tools that you can use with Dart, including the Dart Editor, Eclipse, INtelliJ, Sublime and VIM
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