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Issue #22 - April 26, 2013

Thanks again to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links..


Do you really need to download all of your app's code at startup? With Lazy Loading, you can split your application code to allow some of your libraries to be loaded by the browser after the app has started. Seth Ladd shows you how.
This week's release of the Dart Editor has a new feature that lets you repeatedly re-run the last launch, irrespective of which project you a working in. Additional features include new warnings and error messages to help you when developing, and a new "Refactor" top-level menu.


Which JavaScript APIs does Dart support? Which browsers does Dart support? Is Dart production ready? Seth Ladd picks some of the questions that are actually frequently asked on Google+, and shares them with the community.
Pub, Dart's package manager, now picks the right version of pub packages to work with your installed Dart SDK. This blog post explains how this surprisingly hard problem is achieved - let the team know how you get on with the new pub.
Now you can get concurrency and dynamic code loading in Dart when you use Isolates, and this works for both Dartium and dart2js. Seth Ladd explains all in his blog.
Web UI gets the Dart Cookbook treatment, with a number of quick snippets and examples added, including Observers for syncing objects and the UI, and bidirectional binding with various HTML controls.
It's easy to let users sign in to your web app using their Google credentials. In his blog post, Chris Buckett shows to to get setup with the Google API console, and how to use the Google OAuth2 pub package.


Danny Hendrix shows off his HTML5 Dart game TeamX.
Using the Dart APIs for Drive and Realtime, Damon Douglas has put together a Dart implementation of the Google Drive Realtime Quickstart, which shows how to sync changes in a text document between two HTML elements.
Learn how to write more Dart in a more fluent style with Method Cascades. Viktor Savkin continues his Dartcasts video snippets.
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