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Issue #23 - May 3, 2013


Try out or share runnable Dart snippets in your browser with the TryDart app, from Chris Buckett's Dartwatch.
Google's Anders Sandholm shares notes about what has been going on inside the Dart team during April. Treats include IPv6 support, improved WebGL, new constraint solver in Pub, and additional cookbook recipies.
Dart Web Toolkit, a UI building toolkit that is a port of GWT to Dart, has been updated for the latest version of Dart. Check out the showcase, which contains lots of great components and layouts.
The latest Dart Editor release contains better support for converting between Getters and Methods, along with better error highlighting and additional warnings and errors to help developers.


Ahmet A. Akın wanted to test how Dart compares to Java for a low level but time consuming function used in Automatic Speech Recognition. He found that there are several optimization steps, and results are interesting and very encouraging for Dart.
Chris Strom shows how he implements BDD in Dart by writing some simple browser tests for testing his ICE Code Editor project.
Simon Timms is blogging about Dart, and has four great posts introducing you to some of the basics, such as Classes, Libraries and manipulating the DOM.


Watch Seth Ladd's talk on Web Components from the SF HTML5 Users Group that will introduce you to the concepts and show how you can start writing concise UI markup.
Peter von der Ahé has been experimenting with converting Dart to JavaScript offline in a browser. Pretty cool.
Author of DartWidgets, Kevin Moore, will be speaking at QCon 2013 in New York about using components for building web apps. Check it out this June.
Seth Ladd will also be demonstrating that Dart is familiar, powerful, fast and productive at SenchaCon 2013 this July in Orlando.
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