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Issue #24 - May 10, 2013

Thanks again to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links..


Whether you are going to I/O, one of the world-wide I/O extended events, or just watching the live stream or recorded videos at home, make sure you check out the Dart sessions and codelabs, including VMs, Web development and Mobile.
Dr. Dobb's looks again at Dart to see if it's heading in the right direction, with a focus on reliability and performance. Take a look to see what they conclude.


Chris Strom demonstrates how easy it is to wrap existing JavaScript objects in Dart, using the ACE JavaScript code editor as an example.
In this show-and-tell article, James Slocum introduces Dart by developing a finger painting application, and also shows off some server-side code. He concludes: I have enjoyed working with it, and I hope you will too."
Stop using print() and start using info() to send log messages into a logging framework rather than straight to the console. This Dartwatch blog post explains how you use the logging framework in a couple of lines of code.
Ever productive, the Rikulo team have created a Dart Couchbase client (a NoSQL document database), based on the existing Java implementation. Check out their blog post and discover the easy-to-use API.


The ever productive Rikulo team have created a set of Bootstrap-like widgets (Bootjack) and a port of JQuery (DQuery). Bootjack is built on top of DQuery, and this blog post shows how you can use them.
Great 3d Roller Coaster example using three.dart, by Henrique "Nican" Polido. Make sure you check out the live demo.
Nicolas Fran├žois has created a demonstration to deploy Dart to CloudBees (Jenkins continuous integration and deployment in the cloud). Check out his github repo and config to see how it's done.
Vijay Menon demonstrates JavaScript interoperability with Dart in this Google Developers video.
Kasper Lund shares his GOTO Aarhaus talk, where he demonstrates converting Dart to Javascript and describes some of the optimizations.
Catch GDE Kevin Moore as he chats on a hangout with the Charleston Google Developer Group. His Bootstrap inspired [Web UI Dart Widgets library]( is also updated for the latest SDK.
Compile webui components to Javascript in one console step, fix the relative Urls and copy static assets such with this new Web UI task framework built by Damon Douglas using Kevin Moore's Hop task runner.
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