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Issue #25 - May 17, 2013


The Dartlang team have launched a number of specialist mailing lists so that you can keep up to date with the various components of Dart. These include the editor, virtual machine, and html. Sign up for the announce mailing list for the important Dartlang announcements.


Philippe Elsass looked at Dart when it was released, but didn't give it much attention. 18 months later, and he's actually used it for a project, and likes what he's seen. Read his blog post to find out why.
Dart VM is seeing performance gains all the time. This time, a port of the DeltaBlue benchmark from Dart to Java shows Dart slightly ahead of Java 64 bit.


The official Try Dart site is back and running. This time, with offline and in-browser compilation to JavaScript.
Did you want to know how Try Dart in your browser works? Then check out the infoq article, which helps to explain. are using Dart in production, and have shared some of their more generic web components with the community. These include password boxes, popover and loading widgets.
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