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Issue #26 - May 24, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links..


Seth Ladd provides this great introduction and overview of Dart, showing how Dart has evolved since launch to be more than a Java clone, and how it has been inspired by a wide range of languages.
Dartwatch's report from Google I/O. Developers win with great tooling, and users win with great performance.
Check out DartVoid - a Dart specific hosting provider, and sign up for early access to their alpha.
Short notice, but if you're in Vancouver on 24-26th May, then you might be able to catch Kevin Moore talking about building web apps with the Dart language and ecosystem.


How do you watch your objects for changes and keep them bound to UI elements? With observables and data binding of course. Read this new article to find out more.
Google I/O 2013 was a breakout event for Dart. The conference featured three well attended Dart talks, a Dart code lab, and a crowded Dart booth. You can check out the sessions from this news item.


Develop large apps in a structured language and still experience fast Edit/Reload development cycles? Indeed, the prophecy has come true. Get crazy productive with Dart's tools, smooth HTML libraries, cross-browser polyfills, and web components based framework. Learn how you can easily and quickly develop web apps that work cross-browser on both desktop and mobile platforms.
See what's new in Dart with its comprehensive, open-source ecosystem for the modern web developer. Learn how to be more productive with a new language: future-based DOM, package manager, JS-interop, a tree-shaking compiler to JavaScript, SIMD, Web Components, a rich editor, and much more.
A fundamental necessity for innovation within web apps is fast execution speed. This talk takes a deep dive into the machine rooms of both V8 and the Dart VM and explains some of the reasons why a new execution engine is needed for taking the web platform to the next level. Watch to hear about how programming languages impact the underlying virtual machines, complexity, on-the-fly code generation, and predictable performance.
The Marakana list of video tips is growing ever longer, so it's worth sharing again. There are now 11 videos, with the latest describing classes and constructors.
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