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Issue #28 - June 14, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links..


The Angular.JS team have been working hard porting elements of Angular to Dart. The Karma test runner, components like $compiler and $scope, and basic directives like ngBind and ngRepeat are already ported, and the team are working on other critical parts.
Are you using Dart? Or just thinking about using Dart? Either way, take the 2 minute Dart Developer Survey to let the Dart team a little bit about the developers looking at Dart.
Check out this Dart Cheat Sheet produced by some of the French dartisans William Girou, Nicolas Fran├žois and Vincent Bostoen. It makes a great reminder for some of the important keywords and libraries.


.net Magazine features a Dart tutorial written by Seth Ladd. A great way to get an introduction to Dart if you've been thinking about checking it out.
Dart runs on both in browsers, and on the server, but the two worlds sometimes just don't mix (the server has no browser DOM, the browser has no I/O etc). Seth Ladd explains how you can package up your code to create shared interface code that runs independent of browser and server.
Luca Mezzalira blogs about "multi-threading" in Dart, by showing how to use Isolates to make the most of your multi-core computer.
Do you want to call JavaScript code from your Dart app? Seth Ladd shows how easy it is when you use the Dart-JS interop package.


Victor Savkin continues his great series of webcasts, this time showing how to use Webstorm IDE with Dart. You'll use Dartium, JavaScript and Web UI in this short video.
The new Dart HTML5 Drag and Drop library from Marco Jakob makes it easy to add a great user experience to your UI. Marco shows how to drag divs, apply drop effects, and show custom dragging images in his blog.
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