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Dart Weekly

Issue #3 - November 23, 2011

Welcome to issue 3 of Dart Weekly. It's been a quiet couple of weeks but I have enough links for a new issue now :-)

News and Latest Developments

On the Dart language Google Group, Bob Nystrom points to a proposal by Jacob Richman to support method cascades, inspired by jQuery's method chaining.
Robert Nystrom presents an interesting idea in making all types in Dart non-nullable. Why and how? Read on.

Articles and Tutorials

Chris Buckett takes a quick look at a naive implementation of client and server code sharing in Dart.
Over on the Programmers' Stack Exchange, someone asked whether they should learn Google Dart or CoffeeScript. The responses were better than I'd have expected.
On November 2nd, 2011, Gilad Bracha gave a talk at Stanford University titled 'A Walk on the Dart Side: A Quick Tour of Dart'. You can watch the video on this post or, if you prefer, read the transcript.
Dart is single threaded but includes Erlang style actors that support concurrent threads of execution called 'isolates.' This article shows you how to use them.


Code and Libraries

For his first Dart program, Shannon Behrens decided to implement Tetris. It's simple but it works, and Shannon shares some things he learned along the way in this post.

Last but not least..

A month ago I started @CodeWisdom, a Twitter account dedicated to programming related wisdom and quotes. If you're on Twitter, follow along - it's been going great :-)
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