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Issue #32 - July 12, 2013


Bbring the latest web standards like Web Components and Model-Driven Views to Dart developers, the Dart team is collaborating with the Polymer team to ensure that polymer.dart elements and polyfills are fully compatible with Polymer.


Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) enables rich composition and allows for the testability of complex interactions. Victor Savkin and Sean Kirby put together a Dart prototype.
Daniel Davidson, a C++ programmer for many years gives his view of learning Dart to create rich internet applications. So far he's "quite happy with my decision to learn Dart..."
John Sonmez, publisher of developer courses, joins the .net rocks podcast to talk about Google Dart. If you're in the .net world this is a great intro to Dart.
Compare creating a simple custom element in Dart's Web UI with the Polymer Project's library.


Adrián Avila has put together a demo of integrating Dart with an ASP.NET MVC application. Download the project and take a look in the mvc_project\scripts folder.
If you use Dash, the Offline API Documentation Browser for Mac, you'll be happy to hear that there's now a Dart Docset and Feed available.
A mesmerizing demonstration of hooking up Box2D's physics engine with SVG and the DOM - complete with source code.
If you're a C#, Python, AppEngine developer and have been dabbling with Dart, you might be interested (especially if you live in Chandler, Arizona!)

Package Updates

Bootjack is a port of Twitter Bootstrap to Dart.
Lightweight library for validating function arguments in Dart, it is mainly a port of Apache's org.apache.commons.lang3.Validate class.
A stand-alone app to perform Serverside database migration inspired by Ruby on Rails migrations. Works with MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Handheld is a wrapper for PhoneGap allowing you to write native mobile applications in Dart, currently supporting accelerometer, device and notification APIs
Hop is a task runtime that makes it easy to create task runtime scripts integrated with unit tests, dart2js, dartdoc and git. Also has bash command completion.
Server side Dart Bag of Tricks, including support for git.
Client side Bag of Tricks, including math functions, (2D geometry), color conversions, array types, and functionality inspired by the Dependency Object / Property model in WPF/Silverlight.
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