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Issue #33 - July 19, 2013


Mobile is the way forward, as Damon Douglas shows with his Dart Android app, which uses Phonegap. In his blog, Damon talks us through the steps he went through to build his Veterinary Anaesthesia application.


Nik Graf runs through the steps needed to create a countdown clock web component with the new Polymer.dart library - lots of example code to help.
Blogger Chris Strom was excited by last week's package news, and shows some of the fun features of the hop task runner.


PubViz for Dartlang generates a GraphViz DOT file, showing the dependency links between pub packages for your Dart project.
PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.
JAX London (Java and Big Data conference) is hosting a talk on Dart development for Java programmers - The conference runs from 28th - 30th October.
Want to find out more about Polymer in general? Join the Polymer team for a Q&A.

Package Updates

A generic treemap user interface component for web applications written in Dart, it's Highly customizable through a extensible data model and supports live updates and user interaction.
Easily retrieve the options used to call build.dart and Construct a build result that will be used to bring back informations to the editor.
Angular for Dart is now available on Pub.
The StageXL library is intended for Flash developers who want to migrate their projects as well as their skills to HTML5. Therefore the library provides the familiar Flash API built on open web standards.
Rikulo UI is a cross-platform framework for creating amazing Web and native mobile applications in Dart and HTML 5.
The Yaml library is a parser for YAML files, as used by pub.
Provide a serialization facility for Dart objects.
Fancy Syntax is an expressive custom binding syntax for MDV (Model-driven Views) templates in Dart. It shows how you can extend the standard MDV syntax to provide extra features.
A 2D rendering engine that uses WebGL, featuring a WebGL renderer, Support for texture atlases, asset loader / sprite sheet loader, mouse interaction and keyboard state.
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