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Issue #34 - July 26, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links:


You can use Dart's JS-Interop to integrate Dart code into your existing Sencha Touch application. This allows you to take advantage of Sencha Touch's mobile-first framework and Dart's productivity, language, and libraries.
With no build step, Polymer and Dart working together make an awesome developer experience. Seth Ladd shows you how.


The latest vector_math release (v 1.3.5) includes a new library for managing lists of vectors. The library introduces three lists (one for each of Vector2, Vector3, and Vector4).
Updated for the new Dart APIs, Graham Wheeler's dartlang article on unit testing covers subjects like synchronous and async testing, setup and teardown, and creating custom matchers.
Check out Chris Strom's slides from his OSCON talk to see why he things Dart is shaping up to be something very, very special.
Seth Ladd shows how you can achieve two way data binding between a custom model and Web UI components


Chris Strom's ICE Code Editor is now live online. Try it here:
The Bacolod Google Student Ambassadors, in collaboration with the USLS Information Technology Society, presents: DART Code Labs - a hands on event to learn Dart.
See how to add event handlers to buttons in the extract from Pluralsight's training course.

Package Updates

"Zip" functionality on iterables and streams. Combines multiple iterables into a single iterable of tuples of values, and similar for Streams.
Google plus sign-in widget, to add oauth to your page.
An easy-to-use library for generating gravatar image urls in Dart.
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