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Issue #35 - August 9, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links:


An example of a simple deferred rendering setup, rendering to multiple targets.
A whole suite of web components written in Dart. Includes Datagrids, Trees, Autocomplete, Lightbox and more...
VectorShapes is an App Bazaar for designers, artists and developers looking for different ways to incorporate web technology into their craft. Read the blog post about how it was built with Dart.
Protocol Buffers, or protobufs, are a way to encode and decode structured data for interop between various systems.
Dartio is, or will be, a template directory with some scripts meant to automate the creation of dart:io/node-webkit desktop apps.
John Graves has put together his journey about learning Dart in this series of SlideSpeech presentations (which speak the speaker notes in sync with the slides).


Watch episode 16 of Dart Screencasts - this time showing off Polymer.dart Web Components and Model Driven Views
Dart Google Developer Expert Kevin Moore explains why Dart is a great tool for building web applications in this InfoQ interview
Brian Slesinsky has made a mostly faithful line-by-line translation of Peter Norvig's solver written in Dart, so you can open two files side-by-side and see each functions translation.
The Dart client libraries for using Google APIs are now featured on the main site.

Package Updates

A simple implementation of Mustache for the Dart language that passes all the mustache specs.
A modular clientside framework for complex applications. It aims to untangle that tight coupling: by separating the parts of the application into modules and isolating them.
Metadata and test runner for dart's unittest package, using annotations to help with your unit tests.
A simple spell checker implementation in Dart. For now it only finds the single words from a given dictionary.
The Chrome.* APIs let you build Chrome Packaged Apps with Dart. Now updated for the latest Dart SDKs
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