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Issue #36 - August 16, 2013


Step by step blog post explaining how to convert the Dart Editor's Web UI x-click-counter project to use the new Polymer libraries.
The autors of Agents of P.R.I.S.M, a game created at London GameCraft, used Dart and StageXL. Check out what they built - code available on GitHub.


Check out the changes that are happening to make sure that the main() function is consistent and predictable with respect to other scripts and content on both dart2js and dartium.
A set of command line tools to quickly create Dart projects from the command line.
Dart HTML libraries are changing to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks. Everywhere a string is parsed into DOM nodes, default sanitization is being added, along with the ability to customize the sanitation rules.
The title says it all... you can run x then y then z in acommand line script.
The latest Dart Editor release now gives you hints about unused imports, properly supports noSuchMethod, and has additional performance and stability improvements. Go check it out.
Dart gets listed on the Chromium features dashboard.


Seth Ladd's put together some nice examples of common Polymer patterns.

Package Updates

This project is a library that constrains the Dart Google Drive Realtime API and provides a local implementation so that applications can write to a single API whether the backing data is a Google Document or a local object.
Keyboard event library to support cross-browser, testable keyboard events. This is an attempt to smooth out some of the current bugs in KeyEvent as well as to add a few helper methods.
A Stomp client, for communicating with compliant message brokers such as ApacheMQ is now availble
Along with the Stomp protocol, now you can download Ripple, a lightweight Dart message server which supports the Stomp protocol.
From the Dart authors, a set of utilities similar to python's itertools, including count, cycle, enumerate, range and zip.
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