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Issue #38 - September 6, 2013


See presentations from members of the Dart team around the world. Countries include France, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Paris and Belgium
New Dart Editor release, with object inspector for command line apps, debugging tooltips showing object structure, Polymer “new app” wizard and TodoMVC polymer example, and more…
An important breaking change - Everywhere a string is passed into DOM nodes, default plus custom sanitization rules are being applied. This affects this weeks Dart Editor release.


Chris Strom shows how to use ansicolor library to add colours to Dart terminal applications.
In this article on, journalist Paul Reubens looks at whether Dart language may offer a solution to address JavaScript complexity and speed when writing applications.
Get the lowdown on Polymer and Dart with this presentation by John Graves, prepared for the Auckland Google Developer Group.


Victor Savkin has put together “Auctions”, a sample application built using Polymer.Dart.

Package Updates

A dart:io dependent library for validating json instances against json schema
Dart Xml is a lightweight library for parsing and emitting xml.
Backy is a neural network which is using the backpropagation algorithm.
A “real fake” HTTP server specially designed to support browsers tests that make HTTP requests.
Pigeon library provides implementation of memory- and performance-efficient map-backed data structures. These structures are efficiently serializable with no extra boilerplate.
Harvest is a event store for Dart with multiple backends. Harvest creates and persists streams of events, where each persistent event stream is identified by a Guid for future retrival.
JSONP handler for Dartlang. Allows you to make individual and multiple requests, as well as providing some support for automatically converting the responses to Dart classes.
This is a small library which allows Dart-Applications to connect to TeamSpeak3- servers using the ServerQuery protocol
Quiver, the Dart utility belt, has been updated for the latest Dart APIs. Among its contents are utilities for dealing with timers, streams and futures.
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