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Issue #39 - September 21, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links:


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A shiny new Polymer.dart page on the Dartlang website shows some of the basic concepts you need to get started with the Dart implementation of Polymer.


Željko Kunica has started blogging about Dart, and in his first blog post, addresses the differences between Dart and JavaScript.
Dzenan Ridjanovic has been putting together his Dart Pen app, a basic Logo drawing app for children. The source is on github, and this document links to the development story and the app itself.
Still looking for reasons to learn Dart? This new blog post gives a great overview of the language.
Not sure whether to use dynamic or an Object type? Kevin Moore provides a hints.
Nice blog post by Ali Afshar about taking an SHA1 Hash of files with the dart:crypto package.


A great little app that lets you edit animated GIFs, with links to the Dart source code, too.
Watch Seth Ladd’s Dart presentation from JavaZone, Scalable, Structured Web Apps
Seth Ladd had the pleasure of speaking at JavaZone 2013 in Oslo, Norway. Check out his report and conference video.
If you’re looking for solutions to common problems, Seth Ladd’s polymer.dart Github repo has lots simple, commented examples. A great resource.
On October 22nd, Paul Brauner is talking at Jazoon in Zurich about his experience with Dart, and how it helps him build applications for the modern web.

Package Updates

An XML to JSON conversion package. This package allows the parsing of XML strings and the transformation of the resulting parse tree into Parker, Badgerfish, and GData XML JSON conventions.
A simple Bitcoind client
A package that detects the browser being used to view a web page. Useful for blanket browser detection.
This package allows browsing of and data manipluation in CMIS V1.1 specification browser binding compliant CMIS servers such as the one hosted at Alfresco.
CouchClient is the client SDK that enables accessing to the NoSQL document database Couchbase in Dart language.
Rikulo Security is a lightweight and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework for Rikulo Stream.
Serverside Database migration for easy database structure manipulation inspired by Ruby on Rails migrations
Query builder for mongo_dart and objectory
Various texturing functions, useful for working with WebGL, etc.
Memcached Client is a client implementation in Dart language of the famous distributed memory object caching system
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