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Dart Weekly

Issue #4 - December 14, 2011

Welcome to issue 4 of Dart Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to the new Google Dart programming language.

For a company with a $200bn market cap and a motivation to promote their new language, I'm surprised that Google hasn't put more effort into building up the buzz and an ecosystem around Dart. The amount of interesting Dart content out there is depressingly low and Google needs to light the touchpaper so that the larger swathes of progressive developers will start to turn up and furiously blog and tweet about it.

For now, Dart Weekly will continue to hop along on a 2 or 3 weekly basis but I hope for Google's sake, as much as Dart Weekly's, that Dart finds some key opportunities and adoption in 2012.

- Peter Cooper

The Links

Joshua Bloch, author of Effective Java and a well-known API designer (including java.math and the Java Collections Framework), has announced he's taking up the role of architect for Google Dart's core libraries.
Google hopes to better the Web with Dart, but Microsoft has declared itself an opponent of the programming language rather than a potentially valuable ally.
Google's Vijay Menon announced on the WebKit developers mailing a proposal of a branch that would add support for multiple runtimes and ready made bindings for the Dart language. Other languages that could be supported are Python, Java, Ruby, Lua and more.
The discussion on the webkit-dev mailing list in relation to the Dart bindings query was vibrant and mostly dismissive of the idea with comparisons to VBScript and Netscape 'layers'. Later on in the thread, Geoffrey Garen noted that a similar rejection has been made regarding integrating Python with WebKit over the years.
These slides from a presentation given by Seth Ladd at GTUG last week act as a handy high-level bulletpoint overview of Dart and its nascent ecosystem.
The popular Pygments syntax highlighting tool is adding code syntax highlighting support for Google Dart.
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