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Issue #40 - October 4, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links:


Check out some of these live sites that are currently using Dart
A proof of concept to convert console Dart applications into single executables containing the VM and all dependencies.
Performance from generated JavaScript code is up, Dartium added a REPL, and Dart Editor has better HTML/CSS editing and a new pub package browser.


This article describes Dart’s event loop architecture, so that you can write better asynchronous code with fewer surprises. You’ll learn options for scheduling future tasks, and you’ll be able to predict the order of execution.
A quick blog post that shows how to build a simple HTTP server using Dart
Right now is a great time to dive into Compute Engine because Google is giving away $2,000 worth of credits to individuals interested in trying it out.
Check out this list big list of sites and mailing lists where you can get Dart support
As a “toolable” language, Dart loves IDEs. WebStorm 7 is now launched and has a Dart plugin. Get developing those Dart apps.
Dart can be used on the client and the server. This post shows how to build a form as a custom element, bind input fields to a Dart object, build a Dart HTTP server, and handle and parse a form submit.
A proof of concept with NodeJS and MongoDB on the server, and Dart on the client.
Check out this tutorial on how to handle Ajax requests in Dart.

Package Updates

A library for exhaustive and randomized testing of Dart properties
An experimental library for accessing the Chrome APIs in a packaged app or extension.
Grinder - a task based, dependency aware build system. Grinder build files are entirely specified in Dart code.
Dartson is a Dart library that can be used to convert Dart objects into a JSON string. It uses dart:mirrors reflection to rebuild the schema. It also works in dart2js when using the dartson builder.
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