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Issue #41 - November 15, 2013

Thanks as always to Chris Buckett, the editor of, for continuing to curate this newsletter. On with the links:


This release marks Dart’s transition to a production-ready option for web developers. The Dart SDK 1.0 includes everything you need to write structured web applications: a simple yet powerful programming language, robust tools, and comprehensive core libraries.
AngularDart is heavily inspired by AngularJS and is supercharged for Dart. Core Angular features such as directives, data binding, and dependency injection, are all there, and they’ve taken advantage of Dart’s features like metadata, types, and classes to feel natural for Dart developers.
Codeship Continuous Integration and Deployment tool now supports Dart, including the standard SDK tools and Pub. It works out of the box with Github and Bitbucket.
Lots of new Dart Code Samples, including angular.dart, polymer.dart, JavaScript interaction, Animation, HTML5 persistence, touch events and more…


Davy Mitchell builds a Dart webserver to show minecraft screenshots in the browser.
The Dartlang Cheat Sheet is updated for Dart version 1.0 - check out all the quick tips
Thomas Schranz CEO & Co-founder of Blossom explains what motivated him to switch to Dart? He sees Dart as a huge step forward for the web & mobile development ecosystem.
Start debugging Dart code in Dartium is much easier now: WebStorm detects Dart projects and start Debug session in Dartium by default, dependencies management and pub build commands are now available right in the context menu for pubspec.yaml file.
Basic Dart editing support is done and on saving a Dart file the related JavaScript files are automatically generated. In the context of an HTML5 application in NetBeans IDE, that gives you deep integration with the embedded browser and, even better, Chrome, as well as Chrome Developer Tools.
The application uses Google Maps to display results by district. Dart is used for the UI, and to draw the district boundaries. “Dart has made it easy to build out a very capable platform. We are really excited about what we’ll be able to do next.”

Package Updates

Mailer is an easy to use library for composing and sending emails in Dart.Mailer supports file attachments, HTML emails and multiple transport methods.
A generic treemap user interface component for web applications written in Dart. Highly customizable through a extensible data model, supports live updates and user interaction. Includes several common layout algorithms.
Animate elements on a web page with Dart. Similar to jQuery’s animate().
Dart library to use for Google OAuth2 authentication / Client-side flow
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