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Issue #42 - November 22, 2013

This week's links

Check out some of the press reports on Dart v1.0 launch, aggregated on this blog for you.
Kasper Lund and Seth Ladd present at the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco. See how dart2js turns Dart code into fast JS.
In this code lab, you build a pirate badge generator from a skeleton app. The sample app provides a brief look at some Dart language and library features. This code lab assumes that you have some programming experience.
Built with Dart and Polymer, using Java AppEngine and Cloud Endpoints, Grekkle is a structured query builder powered by Freebase that allows you to build queries such “Programming languages developed by Google” and view the results.
Now that Dart v1.0 os released, Stream, a lightweight Dart web server. Features: request routing, filtering, template engine, WebSocket, MVC design pattern, and file-based static resources reaches 1.0 as well
Check out this project, an installable Chrome App development environment, written with Dart and Polymer.
A smart CORS proxying service for browser based applications to access servers on different origins than the current domain. Read about how it works…

Package Updates

Streamy is a feature-rich RPC/API framework for applications written using Dart programming language. It relies on Google API Discovery file format for API description. Streamy also provides out-of-the-box JSON-over-REST protocol.
New version of quiver - a set of utility libraries for Dart that makes using many Dart libraries easier and more convenient, or adds additional functionality.
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