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Dart Weekly

Issue #5 - January 10, 2012

Welcome to issue 5 of Dart Weekly. Quite a bit more activity in this issue! I've also had a chat with the Dart team recently and have been reassured a lot of awesome stuff is coming down the pipeline. I've also discovered more sources for Dart news so hopefully we can begin to pick up steam in 2012 :-)

News and Latest Developments

The official Dart homepage now has a set of Frequently Asked Questions. It's pretty high level stuff but worth a read.
The Dart API reference site has been significantly revamped and is now generated using 'dartdoc', a Dart based documentation generator that can generate docs from your Dart code.

Articles and Tutorials

Christian Grobmeier rounds up what he perceives as Dart's advantages versus JavaScript in 10 points. Interesting comments were left too.
Eli Brandt of Google notes that 'Dart uses types in a way that might seem strange.' In this article, he explains that Dart is a dynamically typed language, why it is, but also why static typing features are available.
Manuel Simoni picks a hole in Dart's 'production mode' and how it deals with type enforcement.
Chris Strom, author of the forthcoming 'Dart for Hipsters', walks through the process of downloading, installing and beginning to use the Dart Editor IDE on Linux.

Videos and Presentations

In this video, the Dart team runs through the Dart Editor, compiling Dart to JavaScript, frog and the frog server, as well as Dartium. A handy way to get going with Dart if you haven't already.
Over the course of an hour, Google's Gilad Bracha introduces Dart, explaining the reasons behind its conception, what it is and what it is not, some of the main features, and unveils some plans for the future.

Code and Libraries

LUCA UI is a Google Dart library that provides a framework and set of controls allowing developers and designers the ability to create user interfaces for their applications. If you've worked with .NET's WPF or Silverlight, this framework will feel familiar.
dart-hash-server is an example client/server Dart app that uses the LUCA framework (linked above) to hash data and return a result all over HTTP.
Seth Ladd, a developer advocate at Google, demonstrates the Dart, jQuery, and pure JavaScript code for 13 different common DOM operations.
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