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Dart Weekly

Issue #6 - February 1, 2012

Welcome to issue 6 of Dart Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to the new Google Dart programming language. We're still not truly 'weekly' yet but things continue to progess and I suspect things will be fully up to speed by the end of summer :-) - Peter.


One of my initial complaints about the official Dart homepage was its lack of a proper blog. It now has one. Great news.
An official 'rosetta stone' of sorts with JavaScript examples on the left and Dart equivalents on the right. Useful stuff for established developers who want to get a sense of the differences quickly.
On the official Dart blog, Gilad Bracha proposes some revisions to how equality is handled in Dart. The crux? The == operator would no longer be user definable but instead be customizable via the 'equals' method.


Google's Ilya Grigorik presents a quick overview of Google's Web development technologies, including Dart.
Intriguingly, a Chromium branch has arrived with integrated 'Multi-VM' support which was been proposed to WebKit a few months ago. The result? With some compiler gymnastics, you can now have a Chromium build that will run Dart natively.
Googler Seth Ladd has always been a little confused over the changing definition of 'this'. In this post he shows how Dart avoids the confusion with more logical bindings.
John Evans shows off Reactive Dart, an implementation of the reactive model on sequences. RD works on the principle that everything in the environment is a sequence of data being pushed at the application.


DartBox2D is a Dart port of the wildly successful Box2D physics engine, making building realistic physical simulations in Dart a lot easier.
A handy introductory slide deck by Adam Coding, full of useful links and code examples.
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