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Issue #7 - February 22, 2012

Welcome to issue 7 of Dart Weekly - straight on to the links :-)


Mac and Linux binaries for Chromium (the cutting edge of the Chrome Web browser) are now available that integrate Dart's VM so you can run pages with Dart directly without any separate compilation steps.
Chris Strom is making good progress on his Dart book, Dart for Hipsters, and you can now buy an 'early access' alpha version. It's the first Dart book out there so check it out.


Google's Seth Ladd continues his fine series of Dart blog posts by looking at how Dart works with numbers, how numbers come in two flavors, how their interfaces work, and how to convert them to and from strings.
Seth Ladd continues with a look at booleans (true/false) in Dart, how other types are converted to false by default and what that means for Dart developers.
The Dart VM can run in two modes: checked and production. Checked mode turns on type assertions, and reports on type mismatches and bugs. The Dart team suggests you run in checked mode during the development stage. Here's the how and why.


A collection of links to various Dart-oriented projects from outside of Google, including widget frameworks, a NES emulator, crypto libs, a 3D engine and a PureMVC port.
three.js is a popular JavaScript 3D library that can render with Canvas, SVG and WebGL. Robert Silverton has brought three.js to the Dart world with this port.
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